In 2021 there were 9,706 new subsidiaries of foreign companies registered in Portugal, according to the National Institute of Statistics in Portugal. The number of companies that use Portugal as their base now stands at 1,359,035.

What are the benefits of moving your company’s headquarters to Europe or setting up a sister company in the EU?

  • Frictionless trade of goods and services with European member states
  • Reduction in bureaucracy leading to increased sales and shorter delivery timelines
Why Portugal?
  • Access not only to the European single market but also to the Community of Countries with the Portuguese Language (CPLP) including Brazil, Angola, Mozambique, and Cape Verde.
  • Highly skilled workforce with competitive costs
  • Excellent infrastructure links
  • Advanced digital technology and communications infrastructure

We can advise you of the benefits of choosing Portugal as the point of entry for your move to the EU and can facilitate every step of this transition.

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